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Re-defining Wellness

For thousands of years, the ancient Vedic teachings acknowledged that the human system is more than just a set of biochemical processes — that we are, in fact, a collection of layers, like the petals of a rose — each layer unfolds from within one another.

Panchamaya — meaning “five dimensions” — is one of the world’s earliest systems of holistic health and self-care that provides a full-spectrum of teachings for every layer of your body and mind. These “five keys” to extraordinary health offer an entirely new paradigm for wellness, taking you to higher states of health and wellbeing.

This is of the utmost importance, because the pursuit of your life implies the pursuit of your health, and without your health, you cannot enjoy your life.

The Five Keys to Extraordinary Health
“Extraordinary Health” means achieving the fullest potential on all levels of your system — the physical body, physiology, mind/senses, behavior and personal growth.

Key #1 — Physical Body

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Key #2 — Physiology

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Key #3 — Mind/Senses

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Key #4 — Personality/Behavior

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Key #5 — Personal/Spiritual Growth

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Five Keys to Extraordinary Health

An integrated self-care system.
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Re-defining Wellness
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