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YogaAway provides you with the most advanced yoga and wellness tools — each with a specific benefit and focus. From digital media, to books, to accessories, these extraordinary programs are portable, powerful, time-flexible antidotes to the challenges of Stress, Travel, Work, Sleep — Life.

The adverse effects of stress can be devastating to not only your health, but to your relationships, your work, and to the overall quality of your life. Find ways to relieve pressure and anxiety and create deep relaxation day or night with YogaAway’s stress reduction tools — to calm, stabilize and balance your system, even in the midst of stressful circumstances.

Stress Picks

Weary travelers now have an effective way to recover from the stresses of life on the road through the extraordinary benefits of yoga.

Whether at home or on the road, you can quickly recharge, recuperate, and relieve jetlag and fatigue as you consciously link your movement, breath and attention — to make for a smooth ride!

Travel Picks

Long working hours, sleep deprivation and time pressures, all have an effect on your working day. Become calm, focused and alert, while harnessing your emotions — with simple mind-body techniques from our DVDs, CDs and books.

Work Picks

Progressively relax your body and mind and prepare yourself for a restful night’s sleep. YogaAway’s sleep practices are safe, soothing, natural solutions to the challenges of sleep. And they work faster than any other sleep remedy — without the side effects!

Sleep Picks

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