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A Call for Change
The spa community is encountering its greatest challenge and opportunity ever — reinventing and repositioning itself to meet the needs of an affluent, sophisticated, travel-oriented market, who desires luxury, education, and unique experiences.

Responding to this opportunity means more than putting in a new fitness studio, adding a resident doctor, or even offering yoga with spa pampering. It involves a completely different paradigm that transcends the passive, one- dimensional, palliative treatments of relieving symptoms, to an active integrative model that "touches base" with every personal dimension.

Spas need to go beyond body basics. They need to become integrated, multi-dimensional resources — places where people can go to raise their awareness and learn the tools and practices they need to actively engage themselves in their own wellness experience.

Spas face inevitable change. Every major brand is in the process of its own "reincarnation" — transforming itself to meet the needs of its growing market and differentiating itself in the process. But
striking the differentiation mark now means reaching far beyond what exists today. Merging an integral healing model with the spa experience is what the future of the spa industry is about.

The Enlightened Spa
The "enlightened" spa will be instinctively different. It will be sustainable, modern, design savvy, and offer a distinguished collection of integrated services. It will be a center of renewal and growth — a luxurious retreat where people can go on a regular basis to find inspiration and beauty, silence and respite. This temple-like place will deliver powerful, memorable "moments" that will enliven the body, engage the mind, and touch the heart, creating deep transformation and growth.

Therapists will inspire, and take the guest experience higher. Serving the spa guest's needs — from the treatment room to nurturing their follow-up — they will offer take-home rituals, products and routines, to intimately involve the guest with their own healing process.

Using an integral strategy of time-tested, authentic practices — along with an operations approach that deeply connects employees to their customers' needs —
aligns the "new" spa with a powerful business model that can significantly lead the market.

Proprietary Programs and Content: From Concept, to Design, to Implementation
How can your spa maximize its innovation and activate leading-edge change?

Hire "New Culture Carriers." Our team includes the most preeminent experts — authors, teachers, and top professionals in the fields of fitness, medicine, relationships, lifestyle, metabolic health, and new game players who look for distinction, passion and change.

We will partner with you to discover an integrated strategy of messages, treatment protocols, innovative programming, rituals and products, as well as a new way of operating, that will powerfully affect your customer's experience and life.

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